• Phone Banking Bingo

    Are you or your chapter phone banking tomorrow for Super Tuesday?

    We know phone banking can get tedious…spice it up in your HQ with The OCRF’s Phone Banking Bingo to pass the time!

    Whoever can get all the boxes in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row crossed off first wins!


    Download a printable copy here!


    Make sure you tweet us your photos and have fun!

  • Save The Date

    Convention Save The Date

  • OCRF takes CPAC 2016

    The Ohio College Republican Federation will be going to CPAC 2016! Join us Wednesday, March 2nd – Sunday, March 6th. See below for more information on how your chapter can get involved: Continue Reading

  • We stand with women fighting for economic security

    We stand with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to health care and supporting women’s leadership across the country.

    Millions of Americans now have the chance to buy quality, affordable care through the new health insurance marketplace. Join other 3.5 million people in making the right decision for the country. The biggest steps to fight climate change that any president has ever taken. He’s not waiting around for climate deniers in Congress who won’t even acknowledge the scientific fact of climate change to face reality in order to act—he’s taking bold steps forward.

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  • Meet the OCRF

    Thanks for visiting! Get to know the College Republicans who make up the executive board of The Ohio College Republican Federation.

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